Vote By Mail NJ is a place for policy makers, legislators, advocates, elections officials, poll workers, and voters to learn about the option of Vote By Mail. We invite all to work together with a common mission to maximize voting opportunities for all citizens of voting age in New Jersey.

We strive to:

  • Place our right to vote at the forefront while minimizing the health risks to voters and to poll workers
  • Provide sound recommendations that have been implemented successfully in other states where there is a positive track record
  • Do our part to educate the public on the options for voting
  • Minimize any unintended consequences and negative impacts to the voter’s access to voting as a result of the pandemic
  • Provide equity to all voters


For any questions for further edification on any possible legislation and data, please email to


This could not have been done completely without the work, experience, resources, and guidance provided by Elections officials in Washington and Colorado. Researchers at many universities have decades-long portfolio of work on elections that shaped our views on elections. Locally in New Jersey, we’d like to thank the contributions from the following for their feedback and suggestions:

  • County Clerks
  • Board of Elections
  • Superintendents of Elections
  • Division of Elections
  • Governor Murphy’s Office of Counsel
  • Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker and the team
  • Senator Vin Gopal and the team
  • Speaker Craig Coughlin and the team
  • Action Together New Jersey Supporters and Volunteers
  • Dan Janowski, civicSprout

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