We are a 100% volunteer group with no paid staff. We are dedicated to improving our community and our state. We believe in equity. Check us out here. All nonprofits struggle to find funding and we are no different. We haven’t raised enough to pay for employees and with so many great nonprofits and such great need during a worldwide pandemic with millions unemployed, raising funds has been unsuccessful. We continue to subsist on donations from the public. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any grants for this work helping our democracy and educating the public. If any of the information on this website is valuable to you, please donate $60 (or $5/month.)

We live by small donations and this inspiring lady!

Donations by check are appreciated (avoids processing fees):

Please make check payable to Action Together New Jersey

Action Together New Jersey

PO Box 1206

Madison, NJ 07940

Donate with a credit card via Paypal: https://tinyurl.com/ATNJdonateElections2

Donate with a credit card via ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/atnjadvocates

Thank you for your support! We appreciate you!

You can also donate via Actblue