Background: How did these end up in New Jersey?

They did not arrive here on their own! ATNJ Education Fund is responsible and has been the architect and the driver for the existence of these secure ballot box drop boxes all over the state. It was months and months of work with the Legislature and Governor Murphy. Our Founder and Executive Director, Winn Khuong, has worked tirelessly since early spring before the coronavirus lockdown hit to get these secured for New Jersey voters. She worked with Governor Murphy’s administration to make them aware of the critical need, to plan ahead, and also presented facts of the need to have them. Winn also provided legislative language and pushed the legislation through the state Legislature starting with the bill’s Prime Sponsor, Senator Singleton.

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Mail insecurity is a huge issue

Even in states where voters have been voting primarily via vote by mail for years, and they are aware and familiar with the process, and have confidence in the election system, those voters still rely on ballot drop boxes. When 75% of Colorado’s votes and 47% of Washington’s votes are received through secure unstaffed ballot drop boxes (2019 General Election), not having these will suppress voter turnout. In King County, Washington, the largest county with 1.4 million registered voters, 94% of their voters live within 3 miles of ballot drop box.

How many ballot drop boxes in NJ?

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 177 requires at least 10 ballot drop boxes per county. This is not nearly enough and bill A4474/S2580, the “Ballot Drop Box Act” helps to provide more as the population density and geographic needs require. This Act was passed into law this August! BUT WHAT ARE WE WORKING ON NEXT?

  • ADA-compliant ballot drop boxes where you do not have to get out of your vehicle. You can just drive up and deposit, like you do at the Bank Teller.
  • At least 1 per town in NJ. Some towns do not meet the 5000 resident requirement but we know how New Jerseyans love and identify with their hometown. Every town should have one! It should not matter if you live in a rural part of our state: your town should have a ballot drop box.

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Key features

  1. Increases reach to voters
  2. Builds confidence and provides peace of mind
  3. Tamper-proof and weather-proof
  4. Mitigates against delays at USPS to handle a higher volume from package delivery and under-staffing issues due to coronavirus.
  5. Strategically placed to reach as many voters in the county such as (but not limited to) the County Clerk’s Office, Board of Elections, Town Hall, outside the main USPS storefronts, Libraries, Grocery Stores, local businesses, college campuses and universities.
  6. Under 24-hour security camera surveillance.
  7. Accessed only by county Election Officials or their designees and all pick-ups are documented and tracked.
  8. Can reach communities that are vulnerable or under-represented and placed at community centers and senior living homes.

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