The Importance of Returning Your Ballot

Your ballot must be received on time in order for it to count. In the recent 2020 General Election, 2010 voters had their ballots rejected because it was received after the deadline. Take a look at the influx of votes received from New Jersey voters statewide. Then scroll down and take a look at your county. As a reminder, the last day for ballots to count was November 10, 2020 for ballots that were received at the County Board of Elections. The election was certified on November 20, 2020.

About the data

  • The date of the dataset is listed in the graph itself at the top
  • The data comes from the State Voter Registration System (SVRS)
  • Each county processes the ballots locally and then uploads their data into SVRS
  • The numbers here may not reflect the actual date of ballots received physically on site at the local Board of Elections due to the lag in scanning them into the system.

Scroll down for Ballot Received Dates by County – Listed alphabetically

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