Please share this page and inform people that voters DO NOT have to wait until Election Day to vote. Voters can vote early using paper ballots – their Vote By Mail ballots. The sooner we get the votes in, the more time voters can track and fix their Mail-in Ballots in case of any issues.

Do NOT tear off the Certificate

In the July election, 6073 voters made this mistake and tore off the flap only to have their ballots entirely rejected.

VOTERS: Leave it be! Do NOT tear it off. It MUST remain as-is. The pre-perforation, enticing you to tear it off, is for OFFICIAL USE ONLY. That Certificate is only torn off by Election Officials after the screening of the Certificate is done – that you are the voter and your signature is matched against the signature on file. It is then torn off by Election Officials prior to opening the Ballot Envelope to ensure ballot secrecy.


Wording on the Certificate of Mail-in Voter may cause further confusion leading voters to NOT signing their Certificate, which will cause their ballot to be rejected.

— “that I am the person who applied for the enclosed ballot.”

Since Executive Order 177 and recently passed election laws required all active registered voters to be mailed a Vote By Mail (or Mail-in) Ballot, NJ voters no longer have to apply for the ballot. Therefore, it is CORRECT and NECESSARY for voters to complete the Certificate and sign!

There is a mailer that is sent nationwide to all postal customers. Two of the items DO NOT apply to New Jersey. In fact, Colorado’s Secretary of State successfully sued USPS and stopped them from mailing more out to Colorado voters to stop the confusion. Confusion causes voters to lose confidence on our elections and that means fewer voters will vote. Help by sharing and educating.

  • All active registered voters will automatically receive their mail-in (Vote By Mail) ballots no later than Oct. 5, 2020.
  • NO additional postage is necessary: all return envelopes have PREPAID postage.

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