Updates from Executive Order 144 in red.

Centralized BRM permit with USPS for the entire state. DONE

In order to provide prepaid postage on return envelopes for Mail-in Ballots, an account has to be set up with USPS from someone as the payee. As those envelopes are processed through USPS, the prepaid postage indicia is charged to the payee’s account. Currently, each county has to apply for their own BRM permit with USPS. This can take weeks to get and we can cut that process for 21 counties by having the state apply and acquire the BRM permit.

  1. Permit 206 is currently used for prepaid BRM on all Voter Registration Applications
  2. Investigate if this same permit can be used for VBM ballots for all counties
  3. Eliminates need for 21 counties to apply individually 
  4. Provides prepaid QBRM postage on VBM ballots
  5. Prepaid postage maximizes access to voters across age and economic spectrum.