Updates from Executive Order 144 in red.

Eliminate the requirement to apply to VBM.  Done

Registered voters are currently required to apply in order to receive a mail-in ballot using the Application for Vote By Mail Ballot. Each application has to be manually processed by election workers. With an expected triple-fold increase of mail-in ballots for the primary elections, the counties do not have the staffing needed to handle the volume and we are also running short on time as the ballots will start mailing out on June 16th.

Mail a postcard-sized “Notice of Elections”

We did not get this, but the public will be aware of the Primary Election in some vague manner: The Secretary of State and county election officials, as appropriate, shall act to facilitate the public’s understanding of the rules governing the July 7, 2020 elections.

  1. mail to every registered voter who has voted in an election in the last 4 years
  2. alert about the upcoming election, 
  3. clarify that they will be receiving a VBM ballot with the options to drop at secure Ballot Box Drop Boxes or to mail
  4. provide their address of the nearest secure Ballot box
  5. list a local in-person voting location managed for physical distancing should they opt out of VBM
  6. postcard is similar to the “Notice of Property Tax Assessment” that is sent to every homeowner yearly
  7. present options of “If you would like to Vote By Mail, you do not need to do anything” and “If you prefer to vote in person on Election Day, please check this box and mail this back to your County Clerk by [DATE].”


Mail a VBM ballot to every active registered voter. Done

VBM Ballot has prepaid postage indicia. Prepaid postage mail helps to maximize reach of voters across economic and age spectrums.

Pass bill A3591

  1. Realizes savings by removing addresses that come back as undeliverable or for voters who haven’t voted by mail in two years, provides the County Clerk with ability to notify the voter prior to removal, and allows voters 30 days to respond.
  2. Protects to will of the voter such as preventing the rejection of VBM ballots due to failed envelope design such as faulty glue, and makes available for inspection the outer and inner envelopes for a period of two years in cases of rejection due to missing the postmarked date of Election Day and received after 48 hours.
  3. Provides more education to the public, the voters, and the poll workers.

Pass bill A943 – requires prepaid postage for VBM ballot. Done