HOW to Vote your Vote-By-Mail Ballot

  • Step 1: Vote your ballot by selecting your candidates
  • Step 2: Complete and SIGN the Certificate of Mail-in Voter
  • Step 3: Put your ballot in the inner envelope and SEAL
  • Step 4: Put your inner envelope in the Outer envelope and SEAL
  • Step 5: Double check! Complete the Bearer portion ONLY if you use a bearer, who has to complete it. Depending on the outer envelope design, make sure the address appears in the window.
  • Step 6: Mail it, drop at ballot drop box, or deliver to the Board of Elections.

*NEW for the November Elections: you can also bring in and drop off your mail-in ballot at your local polling station where it will be accepted.

Quick video on how to vote your Vote By Mail Ballot:

Voting in New Jersey from New Jersey LCV on Vimeo.

*Video courtesy of NJLCV, NJISJ, LWVNJ, NJWFA

Find your nearest secure drop box location here.

Find your county Board of Elections location here:

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