How can you help prevent ballots from being rejected?

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  2. It says “DO NOT DETACH” but voters still tear the Certificate off. Tell voters that their votes will not count if this flap is torn off.
  3. Tell voters to VOTE and VOTE EARLY. Ballots are arriving too late. Here’s a voting plan. That November 3rd date is the DEADLINE.
  4. Tell voters to remember to sign the Certificate of Mail-in Voter.
  5. And don’t forget to put your ballot in the envelope and seal!
  6. Sign your official signature but don’t worry about Signature not Matching! We passed the Ballot Cure Act and voters will be notified within 24 hours and given a chance to cure it ensuring their vote will count.
  7. Bearers must fill out the Bearer Portion completely in front of the voter to ensure the chain of custody or else the ballot will be rejected.
NOTE: This Certificate is from the July Primary. The image will be updated as soon as the General Election Mail-in Ballots are mailed out. It will resemble this closely WITHOUT the identification of political party since the General election is open to all qualified registered voters regardless of party. NO words or marks indicating political party will be printed on the envelope.

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