Where is my ballot?

When voters are not confident that their ballot will be received and accepted during any part of the process, that can depress the use of Vote By Mail. To counter this, we need to see where it is during the process.

  1. I haven’t received my ballot yet. When did they mail my ballot?
  2. I put my ballot out for the postman to pick up. Has the county received it?
  3. Did they accept my ballot or did I forget something and it was rejected?

But. Where. Is. My. Ballot?

At any time, you can call your local Election Officials to inquire. They have the most updated information. FIND your local Election Officials here: https://nj.gov/state/elections/county-eo.shtml You can also track your ballot! It is imperfect, hard to find, but at least we have it. It will give 99% of us peace of mind. In the following images, we are using the log-in screens from Executive Director of ATNJ Education Fund, Winn Khuong. A reminder that the voting history is public information!

1. Log into this URL: https://voter.svrs.nj.gov/auth/sign-in

2. Enter your information

Once signed up, you will get a confirmation email

There are 3 tabs with information: Election History, Mail-in Ballot History, Provisional Ballot History. Your Voter Information is on the home page.

Polling place location, upcoming election dates, and voting district are all listed along with all your County Election Officials

Election History – every voter’s election history is public. Whether or not they voted is known but since every ballot is secret, how a voter voted is not known.

Mail-in Ballot History

This can be better laid out but from here, you can see when your ballot was received by your local county board of elections. Unfortunately, for any rejected ballots, you won’t know until after the election and you are powerless to correct it.

Provisional Ballot History

The test of the provisional ballot worked! For the July 7 Primary, any voters NOT using their mail-in ballot and would rather vote in person, they will only be able to cast a vote by Provisional Ballot. Voting machines will only be available for voters needing ADA compliance. ALL provisional ballots are canvassed and tabulated regardless of how close the race is and even when a race is unopposed. All votes are counted.

The portal is not working for me!

  • Try using your Driver’s License
  • Try using your Social Security number
  • Wait to get your mail-in ballot and use the Voter ID that will be on the envelope
  • Call your local Board of Elections and ask for help. Ask them to provide you with your Voter ID number. https://nj.gov/state/elections/county-eo.shtml
  • Contact the Division of Elections and ask for help.